Life Update/ 2018 in Review

Hellllllo Lovelies! First off, let me apologize profusely for not checking in sooner. See, I have a bad habit of starting new projects and then not following through/ finishing all the time. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help keep me accountable...well you see how that's working out. I am not … Continue reading Life Update/ 2018 in Review

18th Century Embroidered Apron

What's this? Another blog post so *relatively* soon after my last? It's shocking I know... But in keeping with the spirit of my blog- the idea of creating an ensemble from the 18th century from the beginning, I'm going to be skipping around a little bit in the next few posts. Meaning, I'm going to … Continue reading 18th Century Embroidered Apron

Introduction to Sewing: Part III- Stitches

Hello again Lovelies! What I want to do today is to go over some basic knowledge of sewing notions and the stitches I have learned that factor into 18th century garments.¬† Some of this information I have learned from the¬†American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking¬†while some I have learned from the online course with … Continue reading Introduction to Sewing: Part III- Stitches

Introduction to Sewing: Part II- Sewing Notions

Let's Talk About Thread! Hello again lovlies! Hopefully your'e still reading, thread doesn't seem too exciting at first.¬† But the tools you use to sew can be very important, especially if you are trying to take historic accuracy into account.¬† One of my goals of this blog is to start from the beginning with baby … Continue reading Introduction to Sewing: Part II- Sewing Notions