18th Century Shift


Hello again lovelies! I'm hoping that for most of the country the snow has finally melted and Spring has sprung! Here in North Carolina we went straight from the 50s and 60s into the 80s. So for us, summer is already upon us. With April though comes the wonderful Fort Frederick Market Fair held in … Continue reading 18th Century Shift


1780s Ruffled Apron

Hello Lovelies! Sorry it's been a little bit. It's been a busy start to the season at the museum I work at and actually finding the time to sit down and sew was pretty rare. Having the time to take pictures and actually write up this post was a whole other story 😉 Ever since … Continue reading 1780s Ruffled Apron

Introduction to Sewing: Part III- Stitches

Hello again Lovelies! What I want to do today is to go over some basic knowledge of sewing notions and the stitches I have learned that factor into 18th century garments.  Some of this information I have learned from the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking while some I have learned from the online course with … Continue reading Introduction to Sewing: Part III- Stitches

Introduction to Sewing: Part II- Sewing Notions

Let's Talk About Thread! Hello again lovlies! Hopefully your'e still reading, thread doesn't seem too exciting at first.  But the tools you use to sew can be very important, especially if you are trying to take historic accuracy into account.  One of my goals of this blog is to start from the beginning with baby … Continue reading Introduction to Sewing: Part II- Sewing Notions